Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyCash?

MyCash is a Payment Services Provider (PSP) that offers you the best of a Mobile Wallet and Traditional Banking.

Where can I use the MyCash card?

Your MyCash Card can be used anywhere in Zimbabwe at any ZimSwitch Point of Sale.

How do I self-register?

Simply Dial *212# and follow the USSD prompts.

How do I change my PIN?

You can change your Mobile Banking PIN & Card PIN by simply dialing *212# and select option MyBanking.

Can I buy airtime for all networks?

You can buy Airtime for any network using MyCash simply:

  1. Dial *212#
  2. Select option MyAirtime 
  3. Select self or other
  4. Enter mobile number
  5. Confirm by selecting 1
What can I do with a MyCash Account?

The MyCash Account allows you to transact using either your phone or ZimSwitch enabled card. 

How do I check my Account?

Mobile Banking via USSD *212# and Mobile Application available on Google Store and iOS App Store.

Can I pay bills using MyCash?

MyCash offers a number of bill payment solutions that you can access directly from your MyCash Mobile Banking by simply dialing *212# & select option MyBills.

Where can I get a MyCash Debit Card?

So far, MyCash HQ. MyCash agent inside the Profarmer shop in Harare CBD and all Texas Meats and AMP Stores are all issuing out MyCash cards.

Can I get cash from my account?

You have access to the Cash-back facility in major retail outlets nationwide.

Can I receive my salary into MyCash?

You can receive your salary into your MyCash, contact MyPayrol for more information.

Can I send to other mobile money companies?

Through ZIPIT, customers can send to any ZIPIT approved mobile money companies.