Premier Banking

Experience convenient Banking like never before.


Currently Premier Banking with MyCash is limited to invitation or referral only.

Increased Limits

Get higher transactional limits with your Premier Account.     


Premier Lounge

As part of the exclusive world of Premier Banking, you will be able to perform all your banking transactions in private lounges and with the aid of trained officers.

Personal Banker

Get a dedicated Personal Banker to manage your Account.

Card Features

Mobile Banking

Access your funds through our mobile banking from any mobile phone, on any network, anywhere in Zimbabwe, any time day or night! 

Banking App

Download our Mobile Banking App to use advanced features like QR payments, works with minimal data.                                                            

Salary Payment

Get your salary paid into your MyCash Card through our electronic, simple & secure payroll service.                                                  

ZimSwitch Enabled

Use your MyCash Card anywhere you see the ZimSwitch logo. Over 70,000 payment points nationwide.                                                        

Internet Banking

Get access to our Internet Banking which is a Banking solution that gives secure and unlimited access to Premier Account holders enabling them to use their funds.


Inorder to open a MyCash Plus Account, you will need to present:

  • National ID, Drivers Licence or Valid Passport
  • Proof of Residence or letter of employment
  • Proof of Income or Payslip