MyCash FAQs

If you do not find what you want here, please contact MyCash Support Team.

Is MyCash a bank or an Agent ?

MyCash is a payment service provider which offers the best of a bank card and the best of a mobile wallet.

MyCash Kiosks also offer agency banking services on behalf of other banks.

How can I get cash onto the my MyCash Card:

MyCash offers a number of ways to load money onto your Card.

  • YOU CAN do a direct Cash deposit onto the Card at your nearest Kiosk.
  • YOU CAN ZIPIT funds from other banks. Please click here to learn more about ZIPIT
  • YOU CAN receive a MyCash transfer from other MyCash customers.
  • YOU CAN receive your salary via PayNet or MyPayroll salary processing services
What happens if I lose my PIN?

To recover your PIN, you need to visit your nearest MyCash Kiosk with your Card and proof of Identity (National ID, Driver’s licence or a valid Passport). Once you are at the Kiosk, request for a PIN Reissue.

How do I buy Airtime using MyCash?

Simply dial *212# and select option 5 – My Airtime. You can top up for yourself or anyone else on your network. You can also download the MyCash smartphone app or buy airtime with cash at My Cash Kiosks nationwide.

Can I access MyCash outside Zimbabwe?

When you are outside Zimbabwe you can only access the USSD menu when you set your Zimbabwean  network to international roaming.

Your MyCash card is for use in Zimbabwe only.

You can also access your mobile banking using the smartphone application anywhere in the world when you have an Internet connection.

Failed Store Purchase: What do I do?

Present your bank statement to the Merchant as proof of the deduction of the attempted purchase at their shop.

The merchant will then write a letter to confirm the failed attempt. Please note that the letter should state the account number that was used, how much the transaction was for, number of transaction attempts, date of transaction and should be stamped and signed.

Submit the letter at your nearest MyCash kiosk.

If I purchased ZETDC Prepaid Electricity and money was deducted from my account, but I did not receive a ZEDTC Token. How do I get a refund?

Kindly visit the nearest MyCash kiosk for assistance or contact our support team during business hours, or whatsapp/sms/call 0777452097 with the transaction details (MyCash account number, meter number, date of transaction and amount)

How can I become a MyCash Agent

MyCash does not use an agent system at this point.

In order to maintain high levels of customer service, we have MyCash kiosks in TM/Pick n Pay stores across Zimbabwe. The kiosks are staffed by professional and friendly MyCash tellers who are there to help you with whatever you need.

Sign Up:

To sign up for MyCash all you need to do is visit your nearest TM/PnP Stores with your valid identity document (National ID, Drivers Licence or Passport).

The signup process generally only takes a few minutes.

Check for the nearest kiosk to you by clicking here

What are the benefits of using the MyCash card?
  • You can use your MyCash card anywhere where there is a ZimSwitch logo, nationwide.
  • You can send money to other banks instantly on the ZIPIT platform for only $1 per transaction.
  • There are no monthly service charges
  • A minimum balance of ONLY $1 is required on the MyCash account.
  • Reduced charges when you purchase at TM/ PnP on the Intergrated POS using MyCash card.
  • You can receive your salary directly into your MyCash account (through Paynet, ZIPIT, MyCash transfer, direct deposit, MyCash Payroll)
  • You can buy airtime, pay ZESA, pay City of Harare, pay Telone, and pay for your ZOL account.
Where can one use my MyCash Card?

You can use your card anywhere that you see the ZimSwitch logo nationwide.

You can swipe at reduced charges  at any TM/Pick n Pay; on the Integrated POS.

What happens if I lose my card? Are there any charges?

First get your account blocked by either contacting our support team during business hours (MON-FRI: 8am to 5pm) on or whatsapp/sms/call 0777452097 or go to your nearest MyCash kiosk. Once your account is blocked you can request for a Card Replacement.

You can also block your card via the MyCash *212# USSD short code using option 6.

A lost card replacement attracts a fee of $3.00.

How do I pay Bills using my cash ?

Simply dial*212# and select option 7-My Bills then select from the list. For more information visit Bill Payments and follow the quick and easy steps to pay bills for yourself.

Can I make a deposit into someone’s MyCash account ?

Yes, it is possible to make a deposit into a MyCash account if you are not a MyCash Cardholder. However this will require you to visit our MyCash Kiosk in TM/ PnP Stores Countrywide and request to do a cardless deposit. All you need is the 16 digit MyCash card number of the beneficiary.

No Universal Account Error:

This message means that the recipient bank account you are attempting to send funds to, is not recognized on the platform. Please contact the recipient bank for more information of speak to a MyCash representative.

What is ZIPIT (ZIMSWITCH Instant Payment Interchange Technology)?

ZIPIT is like an RTGS. It enables you to send and receive money instantly from one ZimSwitch connected bank to another, including MyCash, TeleCash and OneWallet.

It is a flat fee of $1.00 to send funds from MyCash, and there is no charge to receive funds.

You may follow this link for more information about ZIPIT



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