Frequent Asked Questions

What is MyCash?

MyCash Financial Services is a (PSP) Payment Service Provider that offers you the best of a Mobile Wallet and traditional Banking.

Where can I use MyCash Card?

Your MyCash Card can be used anywhere in Zimbabwe at any ZimSwitch Point of Sale.

How do I self-register

Simply Dial *212# and follow the USSD prompts.

How do I change my PIN?

You can change your Mobile Banking PIN & Card PIN by simply dialing *212# and select option MyBanking.

Can I send to EcoCash?
You can send funds to any EcoCash number from your MyCash Account & it’s so easy simply:
  1. Dial *212# or open the Mobile Banking app
  2. Enter your 4 digit Mobile Banking PIN
  3. Select option Send to EcoCash
  4. Enter EcoCash mobile number
  5. Enter amount
  6. Confirm your details by selecting 1 then you’re done.
Can I buy Airtime for all networks.

You can buy Airtime for any network using MyCash simply:

  1. Dial *212#
  2. Select option MyAirtime 
  3. Select self or other
  4. Enter mobile number
  5. Confirm by selecting 1
Can I get cash from my Account?

You have access to the Cash-back facility in major retail outlets nationwide.

How do I check my Account?

Mobile Banking via USSD *212# and Mobile Application available on Google Store and iOS App Store.

What can I do with a MyCash Account

The MyCash Account allows you to transact using either your phone or ZimSwitch enabled card. 

Can I pay bills using MyCash?

MyCash offers a number of bill payment solutions that you can access directly from your MyCash Mobile Banking by simply dialing *212# & select option MyBills.

Can I buy Zesa token with MyCash?
You can top-up your Zesa using MyCash simply :
  1. Dial *212# or open the Mobile Banking app
  2. Enter your 4 digit Mobile Banking PIN
  3. Enter  MyBills or Pay Bills on the app
  4. Select the bill payment (ZESA Prepaid)
  5. Enter your account information
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  7. Confirm your action by selecting 1 or SEND
Does MyCash have a Mobile Banking APP?

The MyCash Mobile Banking Application is available on Google Store and iOS App Store.

Can I receive my salary into MyCash

You can receive your salary into your MyCash, contact MyPayrol for more information.

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